About usAs pioneers in the pipe manufacturing industry,
we have been working with our customers for 50 years.
Since the founding of our company, we at Gotō Welding have been manufacturing pipes at Tsubamesanjo in Niigata prefecture. We are completely confident in the quality of our plate-wound pipes, manufactured with a roll machine that shapes steel sheets into cylindrical shapes, which are then welded together.
The concept of a perfect circle is the essence of Gotō welding technology. All of our pipe manufacturing technology is focused on identifying and creating that perfect circle in all the pipes that we manufacture.

TecnologyGotō welding technology

At Gotō welding, we have created dedicated machinery and equipment specifically for the purpose of producing plate-wound pipes through the process of bending, welding and drawing with more efficiency and precision.
Due to our preparation of these equipment and production systems, we are able to perform the four processes of pressing, sheet metal, surface treatment, cutting in-house, allowing us to produce high-quality, low-cost pipe products.

At Gotō welding, we have created and set up our equipment with the purpose of eliminating time inefficiencies that occur between processes and that deal with problems that arise in each stage of the process and overall as a whole process.
This makes possible the welding of non-ferrous metals in large quantities while maintaining high quality, along with maintaining the processing accuracy of the base metal during high quality welding.
We also ensure 100% inspection of manufactured pipe products.

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